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Cryotherapy & Tanning Services in Portland & Vancouver

Where luxury meets top-of-the-line Cryotherapy and wellness services. LUX takes Cryotherapy and wellness services to the next level, ensuring customer satisfaction, safety & overall rejuvenation.

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Wellness Services

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Burn calories, shed fat, tighten skin, and fight aging

Our Portland whole body cryotherapy treatments help:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Burn calories
  • Release a powerful endorphin rush 

Best of all? You get all these results in 3 minutes or less!

Happy Woman in Cryotherapy chamber at LuxCryo
Laser Therapy on Shoulders

Localized Cryotherapy & Cryotherapy Facial

Focused cyro for the areas that need it the most!

We offer:

  • Localized Cryotherapy – Get cryo right where you need it — amazing cosmetic and pain-relieving benefits
  • Cryotherapy Facial – Increase collagen production with this amazing anti-aging cryo treatment

Cryo T-Shock

Melt fat, reduce cellulite, tone & tighten skin, & eliminate signs of aging

Until recently, the only place to try Cryo T-Shock was at high-class European spas. Now it’s here at our Portland and Vancouver locations.

You’ll slim and tone your body in just minutes. Eliminates stubborn fat and cellulite to help you look your best fast!

Cryo T-Shock uses the combined power of cryotherapy and thermography to transform your body.

Cryo T-Shock on a Woman.
NormaTec Compression Therapy.

NormaTec Compression Therapy

Compression therapy: pro athletes have used it for years and now it’s available at LUX. Using compressed air, pressure is applied to your legs, arms, or stomach to promote healing where you need it most.

  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Jump starts your lymphatic system, flushing toxins from the body


Helps provide more energy, more vibrant skin, and stronger immunity

With NanoVi technology, water droplets in a humidified airstream are passed through excitation units inside the NanoVi device. This EX-enhanced humidity is inhaled through the nose using a touch-free delivery system. 

Boost the naturally occurring biological repair process for:

  • Better utilization of oxygen and nutrients
  • Stronger cell energy production
  • Improved cell metabolism
  • Faster regeneration of cellular damage
  • Better protection against free radical damage
NanoVi Technology on a Woman.
Fitwave - Sculpt Your Body and Build Muscle

HBS ( Fitwave)

Great for abdomen and butt lift, thighs, arms, calfs

FitWave is a multifunctional body shaping and muscle building instrument. It is suitable for slimming, shaping, gaining muscle, dissolving fat, exercising vest lines and overall good for health.

  • Building muscles and burn fat together

  • Non-invasive, no injections, no surgery and no down time

  • Muscle mass increased by an average of 16%

  • Average fat loss 19%

Skin Therapy Services

Astrodome Facial

Portland and Vancouver’s First 100% Oxygen Mist Therapy!
Restore your skin’s Ion balance with LED and Anion mist, Brightening, improving elasticity through collagen activation, anti-acne, wound healing & anti-inflammatory!


Astrodome Facial
UV Tanning Therapy Room with Open Tanning Bed

All UV Tanning Services

We offer high-pressure and medium-pressure tanning bed. Get an amazing, natural, and even tan in under 15 minutes.


  • 10 to 12 minute maximum tan time
  • All High pressure tanning lamps
  • Highest amount of bronzing rays & Lowest amount of burning rays
  • Deepest and darkest bronzing tan
  • Large comfortable tanning environment

UV-Free Spray Tanning – VersaSpa Pro

VersaSpa is a truly customizable spray tan experience. It’s warm, dry, and absolutely luxurious. You’ll love your natural-looking spray tan. It’s even 100% cruelty-free and gluten-free.

  • 3 spray nozzle for full coverage
  • Unique blend of green and brown marine algae
  • Heated dry passes
  • Voice instructions
  • Rejuvenating skin care
UV-Free Spray Tanning
Infrared Red Light therapy bed with woman getting treatment

Infrared Red Light Therapy

Your skin will look smoother, clearer, and healthier!

Infrared light rays penetrate deeply into the skin without UV radiation or tanning your skin. Infrared Red Light Therapy treatments:

  • Boost circulation
  • Bring nutrient-rich blood to the surface of your skin
  • Stimulate the release of cytokines that increase activity in collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts


Amazing for pain relief, anti-acne treatment, and anti-aging

Celluma is a form of light therapy that emits photons which are absorbed in the mitochondria and cell membranes resulting in biochemical & cellular changes.

Benefits of Celluma include:

  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Muscle pain and spasms 
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Improved local circulation
  • Post-surgical healing
Celluma Elite - Face Treatment