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What is Cryotherapy?

Pro athletes trust it. Movie stars swear by it. Chiropractors recommend it. Whether you love running, doing CrossFit, are a busy Lake Oswego professional, parent, retiree, or just someone who’s ready to look and feel their very best, cryotherapy can help you! Did You Know: Cryo can treat both arthritis and chronic pain conditions. It’s been proven to reduce pain and increases flexibility in inflamed joints. Call (503) 713-6738 today to learn more.

What Does Cryo Do?

Cryotherapy, also called cold therapy, uses extremely low temperatures to relieve pain and improve wellness. Cryotherapy is like a high-tech “ice bath” without the hassle and discomfort. Using high-tech equipment, our trained cryo techs can help you look and feel your best.

Cryotherapy can:

  • Relieve Muscle Pain & Inflammation
  • Create a Powerful Endorphin Rush
  • Fight Pain from Arthritis & Autoimmune Diseases
  • Aid Recovery From Tough Workouts
  • Burn 500-800 Calories
  • Help Cut Fat & Tighten Skin

Services Available in Lake Oswego

Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy & Fire-n-Ice Facial Cryotherapy

Burn calories, shed fat, tighten skin, and fight aging

We offer:

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy – Fight pain, reduce inflammation, burn calories, and release a powerful endorphin rush — all in under 3 minutes
  • Localized Cryotherapy – Get cryo right where you need it — amazing cosmetic and pain-relieving benefits
  • Fire-n-Ice Facial – Increase collagen production with this amazing anti-aging cryo treatment

Cryo T-Shock

Until recently, the only place to try Cryo T-Shock was at high-class European spas. Now it’s here at our Lake Oswego cryotherapy center.

You’ll slim and tone your body in just minutes. Eliminates stubborn fat and cellulite to help you look your best fast!

Cryo T-Shock uses the combined power of cryotherapy and thermography to transform your body.


Get the very best skin of your life in under 30 minutes! No pain. All gain. Firm, smooth, and tighten skin. Eliminate wrinkles, spots, and signs of aging.

Red Light Therapy

Start healing and fight the signs of aging without UV radiation. Red light therapy boosts circulation of nutrient-rich blood and increases collagen-production throughout your body.


We offer high-pressure, medium-pressure, and conventional tanning bed. Get an amazing, natural, and even tan in under 15 minutes.

Mystic Tan Spray Tanning

Myx & match to create your own signature Mystic Tan look. You’ll love your spray tan.

Plus it’s 100% cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Compression Therapy

Using compressed air, pressure is applied to your legs, arms, or stomach to promote healing where you need it most. The increased pressure improves circulation, reduces pain and inflammation, and jump starts your lymphatic system, flushing toxins from the body.

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