Cryotherapy for Back Pain

Relieve Back Pain, Reduce Inflammation, Improve Flexibility, and More with Cryotherapy.
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How Does Cryotherapy Help With Back Pain?

Think of Cryotherapy like a high-tech “ice bath”– except there’s no hassle, less discomfort, and the benefits are magnified.

When your body is exposed to the ultra-low temperatures of cryotherapy it causes blood to rush to the area, a process known as vasoconstriction. This process brings extra oxygen and nutrients, which help to relieve inflammation and back pain.

Then when your cryotherapy treatment ends, blood vessels dilate and pump blood throughout the body, resulting in a powerful pain-relieving endorphin rush.

Additionally, depending on your diet and fitness level, you’ll burn up to 500-800 calories in the hours after your treatment.

What Causes Back Pain?

Common causes of back pain in Portland include:

  • Sports injuries
  • On-the-job accidents
  • Car accidents or bicycle crashes
  • Muscle pulls
  • Poor posture

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Back pain can be debilitating. It can affect your ability to work and exercise, and can even keep you from simply enjoying your life. Whether you suffer from long-term chronic back pain or acute pain resulting, cryotherapy can help:

Reduce the stiffness, aches, and pains

Increase your range of motion and flexibility

Provide a powerful endorphin rush

Improve your sleep

A pain-free life is possible!

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy exposes your ENTIRE BODY to extremely low temperatures, amplifying the benefits of cryotherapy as a back pain treatment.

At Lux Tan & Cryotherapy, our cryo booths reach temperatures as low as -120 Celsius (-184ºF). Your full body cryotherapy session is a fast and effective way to reduce the stiffness, pain, and inflammation that causes back pain.

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Localized knee relief with Cryotherapy

Localized Cryotherapy

Sometimes you may want to apply the healing, pain relieving power of cryo to where you’re hurting most. Back pain sufferers love our localized cryotherapy treatments.

Using the °CRYO Penguin system we’re able to provide focused and targeted relief directly to your back– or anywhere else you’re experiencing back pain.

Many clients with back pain use localized cryo with whole-body cryo for even better results.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions
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Yes! Our cryo treatments use nitrogen vapor to cool your body in a safe and controlled fashion. All of our cryotherapy treatments are conducted and monitored by experienced and trained cryo technicians. Cryotherapy is not recommended for people with heart conditions and other serious medical issues. Prior to your cryo treatment session we’ll review your health history with you.

Our cryotherapy treatments last for 3 minutes or less. Because of the intense cold therapy, many of our clients start out with a shorter treatment and work up to the full 3 minutes over time.

You’ll likely feel a powerful endorphin rush as soon as your cryo treatment is over. You may also feel immediate:

  • Relief from joint and muscle pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased flexibility

These effects may last for hours or even days.

Many of our clients also notice improved sleep in the days following their treatment.

Every whole body cryotherapy session will help reduce pain from arthritis. You’ll likely experience immediate positive results. However, research shows that the maximum benefits of cryotherapy are seen over a period of 2-3 weeks, with 3-4 sessions per week.

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