Fire-n-Ice Facial Cryotherapy

Revolutionary Collagen-Boosting Cryotherapy Facial! Look and Feel Your Very Best!
Your First Fire-n-Ice Facial: Just $39!

What is the Fire-n-Ice Facial?

1. Initial Anti-Aging Treatment
The secret to the power of the Fire-n-Ice Facial comes from the use of the Sirtuin Activation Solution to promote collagen production. This is the “Fire”!

2. Cryotherapy
After the initial anti-aging treatment, you’ll receive 10-15 minutes of focused cryotherapy. The “Ice”! Nutrients and oxygen will flood the treated areas, promoting healing and reversing the aging process.

3. Final Anti-Aging Treatment
A second application of Sirtuin completes your Fire-n-Ice Facial. Your skin will feel refreshed, tighter and glowing. Red-carpet ready!

Results of the Fire-n-Ice Facial...

​Smooth, Glowing Skin with Smaller, Less Visible Pores

Clean, Tight, Brighter & More Refreshed Skin

Nutrient Fed Skin with Copper Peptides, Lipids, Vitamins & more

A More Youthful Appearance & Increased Energy!

Stimulate Collagen Production & Turn Back Time

This no-touch facial utilizes a ground breaking product and the power of liquid nitrogen making it a cutting-edge facial unlike any other. This 15 minute, 3 step facial will give immediate and long-lasting results.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and skin that’s not as youthful and vibrant as it once was are all common results of the natural aging process as collagen production decreases. However by stimulating the production of collagen you can reduce and even eliminate signs of aging.

At Lux Tan & Cryotherapy we offer the Fire-n-Ice Facial, a revolutionary combination of the most effective anti-aging treatments available: localized cryotherapy and a collagen stimulating treatment.

Fire-n-Ice Facial Cryotherapy
Fire-N-Ice facial therapy at LuxCryo

How Does Cryotherapy work?

Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures to promote wellness, health, and healing in the body. Localized cryotherapy using the °CRYO Penguin system that allows our experienced technicians to apply the power of cryo directly to your face, neck, and chest– or any area that shows signs of aging.

In addition, the Fire-n-Ice Facial can reduce the appearance of scars resulting from burns or other injuries, too!

The Fire-n-Ice Facial takes just 15 minutes from start to finish!

What are you waiting for? Try your first treatment at Lux for just $39!

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